Do you know what your AI is doing?

Or do you and your users have to blindly trust that everything is correct?

We have the solution!

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Trusting Artificial Intelligence

We utilize Explainable AI to open up new areas of application for AI systems.


Customers and end users understand individual decisions that affect them.


Employees can comprehend the basis on which decisions were made.


Management and regulators can verify at any time that the system is compliant.

Reliable AI right from the start

From conception to operation: We accompany you in your AI deployment

Your challenges are in our focus Due to their black box character, implementing AI systems in heavily regulated sectors such as finance can be challenging. Banks, in particular, have to consider current and future regulations. We understand these challenges and know how to tackle them. To harness the power of AI, we combine our expertise in the European financial sector with expert knowledge in Explainable AI to build solutions tailored to your requirements.

Modern AI and XAI technology AI systems are complex and raise different questions for each stakeholder. With the help of our model-agnostic approach and a comprehensive toolbox - consisting of Explainable AI, Deep- and Machine Learning as well as MLOps - we make the black box AI explainable. We give you the right answer to every question.

Production-ready implementation and integration Whether cloud or on-premises, greenfield or legacy, we design customized, scalable architectures that fit seamlessly into your IT landscapes. With our solutions, you get everything from a single source and we accompany you throughout the entire process: from defining the optimal approach, to production-ready implementation, to ongoing project management.

A strong team at your side

We are XAI pioneers with extensive experience in data engineering, machine learning, and project management. We support our customers from the banking, fintech and insurance sectors in the implementation of AI systems.